ITS ALIVE!!! My first OSS release!

At long last... I have finally released my first open source software project...For a good 6 months the project was left in a dark corner in my file system.I couldn't find the energy and motivation as my life was going under major changes back at the beginning of the project.

It was as if my life was on Valve Time. After two rewrites and
many style/design changes, i had the courage to release it to the wild.

Now the reason i developed this tool is that a year ago i was trying a small concept program to manipulate databases but i wanted to experiment by generating pre-filled databases on-the-go.

So fake2db is a python package served by pypi at the moment.
It generates databases filled with fake but valid information.

Current support for DB's : sqlite, mysql, postgresql, mongodb

Current patterns: simple registration, detailed registration, user agent, company, customer

I am looking to add more db's and pattern's to the tool as time goes by.

Contributions are more than welcome: fake2db

Happy Automation,