Jenkins + Appthwack = Compatibility Automation

Compatibility testing of mobile products was a big hassle in the past unless your company had a good collection of test devices (even then maintaining a device lab was an absolute pain..) and of course you have to know what will happen if you install your android app on that damn 2.3.x device that no one uses :)

With the rise of Cloud device labs such as Appthwack this very needed gap is filled. And automation through Jenkins and Appthwack plugin serves as a full suit of compatibility testing for mobile products.

At GetSocial, I have setup specific build jobs in jenkins that will build the current state of the develop branch of each project on the 1st and the 15th of the month, build the test apps and send them over to appthwack for Compatibility Testing. This approach is proving to be very useful ever month :) I recommend this combination, if you ever feel the fear of what would happen to your app with all the different devices out there in the wild...

Happy Automation, Ciao!