Python Interview Questions

Couple of weeks ago a friend of mine was kindly asking me if i can provide him with a list of "possible" interview questions that can be asked to him in a Python related interview.
Being in the same situation in the past i know how this can help, so i sat down and made a list of things a person should know about Python before going to an interview :

  • Decorators
  • Generators
  • __init__
  • __new__
  • operator overloading
  • **kwargs, *args
  • super()
  • dictionary, set, list
  • Realize that "objects" in python are just dictionaries, and that you can append data members and functions to them at run time.
  • There are no real threads in python, just time-slicing or sub-processes.
  • The standard python implementation is done in C, so dispatching to library functions written in C is how python does its heavy lifting. This is why it's so much faster to do things like sorting using built in functions than writing the logic in python itself; because the c library runs quickly while the interpreter runs slowly.

Hope it also helps to you.